Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cock a Doodle Doo, Mr Sultana!

Author: Michael Morpurgo  Age: 7+  (Suitable for 4+ only if read by an adult FOR them)
This rich and greedy sultan loves his jewels more than anything. So when he loses a diamond button he is VERY ANGRY.

He wants his jewel back! But a naughty little red rooster keeps getting in the way...

This well written book is short,simple but hellarious and cleverly thought out. The blurb basically gives you the main, plot but  there's lots of funny twists along the way. The characters in this story are perfect for young readers as they are easy to picture and you can understand there personality's very well.  There is not many hard words in this book. The only on I think could be difficult is the word "infernal" and in case you do not know what this word means it means: INFERNAL= TROUBLESOME

As I said above, this book (in my opinion) is for 7 + but is PERFECT for younger book lovers as long as it is read to them or someone helps them to read it.

I give this book A 10/10 and it is 100% SHELF WORTHY